Design, Installation & Service of Fire Sprinkler Systems

A&A will offer fire sprinkler consultation and fire sprinkler design services to help you asses the minimum Requirements and associated costs of an insurance regulation or authority having jurisdiction’s deficiency notice. We will seek to provide the maximum coverage for the minimal costs through efficient design criteria and proper material utilization. One of our NICET level III certified designers will make certain to comply with all applicable codes and water system requirements. Upon approval by the authority having jurisdiction, our local fabrication shop will build the sprinkler system to spec in order to facilitate on-site installation by experienced fitters. A&A will certify your retrofit or new system upon completion and request final certifications by the authority having jurisdiction.

  • New Installation with NICET Level III Design
  • Relocation of Existing Sprinkler Heads
  • Renovation of Existing Sprinkler System
  • Wet Fire Sprinkler Suppression System
  • Dry Fire Sprinkler Suppression System
  • Anti-Freeze Fire Sprinkler Suppression Sub-System
  • Preaction Fire Sprinkler Suppression System
  • HAD Fire Sprinkler Suppression System
  • FM-200 Fire Suppression System for Computer Room Environments
  • Underground Excavation Services
  • Above & Below Ground Hydraulic Testing

Additional Services: