Residential Sprinklers

Residential fire sprinkler ordinances have been adopted by several hundred U.S. communities for use in single-family dwellings. Such systems have been shown to provide significant life safety benefits, however the installed cost of these systems continues to be a potential barrier to broader adoption. For a standard single family home, the cost is not nearly as high as one might assume.

In order to provide information on this topic, and to understand the factors that may influence the costs and hence impede the widespread use of residential fire sprinklers, the The Fire Protection Research Foundation undertook a study to provide a national perspective on the cost of home fire sprinklers by developing data on installation costs and cost savings for ten communities distributed throughout the United States. The study also explores the range of insurance premium discounts which are available to home owners with sprinkler systems in their houses (often between 10 & 20 percent). In this 2008 report, the average cost of residential sprinkler systems, in dollars per sprinklered square foot, was $1.61.

In a track housing development that A&A recently completed, the average cost to install fire sprinklers was roughly $2,500 per housing unit. Peace of Mind for roughly the cost of your appliance package.

In SC, over half of the fire departments are volunteer. The average fire department response time is roughly 8 minutes. Without fire sprinklers, a house can be fully filled with smoke in this amount of time making it harder for all members of your family to escape.

Modern home fire sprinklers are inconspicuous and can be mounted flush with walls or ceilings. You can also special order plates to match any color paint.

residential sprinklerresidential sprinkler
residential sprinkler

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