10 Things Firefighters Wish You Knew About Fire Safety

  • August 9, 2023
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Are you curious about ways you can make your building safer to avoid a structure fire? Here are ten of the most common tips firefighters wish homeowners and office managers knew about fire safety:

1. Check Your Smoke Alarms

This point may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many homes firefighters respond to that don’t have working smoke alarms. Properly functioning smoke alarms can alert you of a structure fire early, giving you more time to escape. Test your smoke alarms monthly and change the batteries twice a year. Keep forgetting to change the batteries? Just remember to do it every time daylight savings time changes. 

2. Install Fire Sprinklers

A fire sprinkler system is one of the best ways to protect your home or office from a tragic fire. Fire sprinklers offer the following benefits:

  • Rapid response: They activate as soon as they detect a fire and help control the fire until the fire department arrives.
  • Effective suppression: Fire sprinklers can contain and extinguish some fires on their own, depending on the spread of the flames.
  • Lower insurance premiums: Many insurance companies offer discounts for buildings protected by fire sprinklers

Having fire sprinklers in your building is an essential extra layer of fire protection in Greenville, SC. And even if you have fire sprinklers in place, make sure they are working properly and receive regular inspection from local professionals.

3. Don’t Overload Outlets

Avoid plugging too many things into outlets or power strips; overloaded outlets are a common cause of structural fires. You should also regularly check for cracked or damaged cords in your home to avoid a fire emergency.

4. Distance Your Space Heaters

If you have space heaters in your home or office for warmth, ensure they’re at least three feet away from anything that can burn, such as furniture or curtains. And though it may seem obvious, be sure you turn the space heaters off before leaving the office or going to bed. You should also never use an extension cord with a space heater because it can easily overheat.

5. Don’t Leave Candles Unattended

You should never leave candles burning unattended or light them near anything flammable.  In fact, candles are responsible for approximately 20 home fires every day. Extinguish candles before leaving the home or office or going to bed and use candle holders that are sturdy or won’t tip over easily.

6. Clean the Dryer Vent

As a homeowner, you’re likely aware that you should regularly clean the lint trap in your dryer to avoid fire hazards. But did you know that the vent pipe needs to be cleaned, too? You can use a vent brush to detach lint from the pipe and vacuum it out. Make cleaning your dryer vent a regular part of your home maintenance routine.

7. Don’t Smoke Indoors

Smoking isn’t allowed in most offices, but if you have someone who smokes in your home, you should make sure they do it outside. Provide outdoor ashtrays so smoking residents or guests can fully extinguish their materials. Soak cigarette butts in water before throwing them away.

8. Keep Flammables Stored Properly

Keep flammable liquids, such as gasoline or lighter fluid, stored correctly in a well-ventilated area outside the home. Make sure these areas are clearly marked and out of reach of children.

The better you store your flammable liquids, the less likely they will accidentally ignite or fuel a fire.

9. Get Your Chimneys Cleaned

If you have chimneys in your home or office, you should get them professionally cleaned and inspected every year. Regular chimney maintenance can help reduce the risk of structural fires.

10. Be Careful With Alternative Heating Methods

Alternative heating methods like fireplaces, wood stoves, and portable heaters are great options but require special care. In addition to keeping them three feet away from flammable objects, you should ensure they have auto shut-off capabilities and never leave them unattended.

Fire Protection in Greenville, SC

Fire protection is something every office manager or homeowner should take seriously. At A&A Fire Protection, we’re proud to serve the Greenville community with business and residential solutions for fire safety. For better fire protection in Greenville, SC, contact us today.