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fire sprinkler inspection

Seasonal Fire Sprinkler Inspections: Why Timing Matters

A fire sprinkler system is an integral safety component for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Laws often mandate them as a crucial line of defense to minimize fire damage, bolster recovery outcomes, and protect lives.  However, fire sprinkler systems are only as effective as your commitment to maintaining them, so it’s vital to schedule regular […]

residential fire sprinkler system

7 Common Misconceptions About Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

A residential fire sprinkler system is one of the most effective tools available for home safety. However, numerous misconceptions about these life-saving mechanisms persist. As a result, many homeowners hesitate to install them despite the clear benefits. Here are seven common myths about residential fire sprinklers and facts to help set the record straight. Myth […]

electrical fire

Fire Hazards During Summer Storms

Many home or business owners assume that most structural fire threats occur in the winter due to heating hazards. While winter has serious electrical fire concerns, summer can also prove dangerous, particularly in seasonal weather extremes. Here’s what to know about storm-related electrical fire risks and how to take adequate precautions. How Do Summer Storms […]

summer fire

The Importance of Reliable Fire Sprinkler Systems for Summer Relaxation

Summer is a time for outdoor entertainment and recreation. Whether you take frequent vacations or have fun closer to home, it’s essential to prioritize summer fire safety measures. Installing fire sprinklers is one of the most effective ways to protect your home. Let’s examine how a reliable fire sprinkler system will help neutralize common summer […]

5 Tax Deductions You Can Score with Fire Sprinklers

Can You Get Small Business Deductions from Fire Sprinklers?

Prioritizing fire safety measures should be a top-of-mind concern for any business owner. Not only will this protect your staff and customers, but it can yield significant tax benefits, too. If you want to capitalize on some creative tax deductions for your small business, start by installing fire sprinklers. These systems are effective more than […]

Fire Sprinkler and Fire Protection Organizations

7 Fire Sprinkler and Fire Protection Organizations You Need to Know

Whether the goal is to protect your home, business, or community, fire protection organizations work to reduce the risk of personal injury and structural damage in an emergency. These valuable resources establish parameters for fire safety and create guidelines for optimal building construction and maintenance to protect everyone inside. Here at A&A Fire Protection, we […]

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Common Fire Hazards to Fix Right Now

Understanding common fire hazards and taking preventive measures against them is essential, whether you’re protecting your home or your business. Here are some of the most common fire hazards and practical ways to stop them from happening: Common Causes of Home Fires In 2022, there were 382,500 fires in homes, apartments, and other residential structures. […]

When are fire sprinklers required in commercial buildings

When Are Fire Sprinklers Required in Commercial Buildings?

It’s always good to have a plan in place should your commercial building ever be damaged by a fire, but could there be such a thing as fire protection overkill? (The answer: no!) Fire sprinklers, for instance, are common in many commercial buildings since they are a terrific first defense against fires. But if you’re […]

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How Freezing Rain & Cold Temperatures Affects Fire Sprinklers

Fires are more common during the cold winter than many people realize. As a business owner or homeowner, maintaining your property’s fire sprinkler system becomes all the more important in freezing weather. Here’s what you need to know about how freezing temperatures affect fire sprinklers and how to keep your property protected all year long: […]

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Can Fire Sprinklers Cause Flooding?

The idea that your fire sprinkler system can cause floods is a myth, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t once true: the earliest versions of fire sprinkler systems would erupt all at once, drenching the entire property. Luckily, those systems were phased out decades ago, and today’s modern systems provide more focused fire suppression services.  […]

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4 Things You Should Know About Large-Scale Renovations

If a renovation is in your future, one thing is for certain: expect the unexpected. Undertaking a large-scale renovation project for a commercial space is challenging, and “surprises” along the way are just part of the process. But whether you’re revitalizing an existing office building, upgrading a retail space, or transforming an industrial facility, some […]

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Fire Sprinkler Incentives: How They Work and Why They Exist

Fires can seriously threaten the structural integrity of homes and offices—not to mention the well-being of everyone inside. But in an effort to minimize the risk of extensive fire damage, communities across the U.S. have established incentive programs for residential or commercial building owners who install fire sprinklers. Greenville, SC, is no different.  According to […]

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5 Reasons Every Apartment Building Should Have Fire Sprinklers

When it comes to apartment building safety, fire prevention should be a priority for every building owner and landlord.  In places like Greenville, SC, ensuring fire sprinklers in apartment buildings is not just a crucial safety measure; it’s a regulatory requirement. Here are five compelling reasons every apartment building should have fire sprinklers and what […]

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Leaving Home for the Weekend? Protect Your Space While Away

A weekend away can be the perfect way to escape the Winter cold, offering a refreshing change of scenery and a chance to unwind. But let’s be honest… leaving your home unattended can pose potential risks. Preparing for Your Vacation Whether you’re off for a quick getaway or an extended vacation, safeguarding your home against […]

what is fire suppression

Fire Suppression vs. Fire Sprinklers: What’s the Difference?

The key to minimizing the damage caused by a fire is extinguishing it as quickly as possible. Since a fire can double in size in only 30 seconds, many Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) agencies around the country require buildings to contain fire protection measures.  However, not all firefighting techniques are created equal. If you’re […]

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How to Introduce Fire Sprinkler Systems into Old Buildings

According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire sprinklers control roughly 96 percent of incidents when activated. But despite this successful track record, many older structures don’t have fire sprinklers. While modern constructions are required to install these mechanisms, historic buildings often lack that same protection, increasing the risk of fire damage—or even death.  Fortunately, […]

Fire Prevention Plan and Your Workplace

How Do Fire Sprinklers Detect Fire? And How Do I Know They’re Working?

Sprinklers for fires are among the most effective fire protection methods available today. According to the NFPA, they are 96 percent effective at controlling fires when properly installed and maintained. But how do fire sprinklers know when to put out a fire? Traditional Activation Methods When it comes time for fire sprinkler installation in your […]

Thanksgiving fire safety

Thanksgiving 2023: Don’t Burn the Turkey (and Other Fire Safety Tips)

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family, enjoy delicious food, and express gratitude for our blessings. But here’s the catch… this time of year is also full of potential hazards, especially when it comes to cooking and fire safety. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Thanksgiving is the peak day for home-cooking […]

automatic fire sprinkler

Sprinklers 101: What Makes a Fire Sprinkler Automatic?

Everyone has seen a sprinkler unit in a building before, but only a few fully understand how it operates. If you’re currently deciding whether to get one for your property, you might want some fire sprinkler background information to help inform your decisions. More likely than not, you’ll come into contact with automatic fire sprinklers […]

residential building code

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Home Is Up to Code

Creating a safe home environment is essential for your resale value and your household’s well-being. But to achieve that, it’s necessary to ensure your home adheres to the latest residential building codes. Not only is this a legal requirement in most areas, but it’s also a responsible initiative for homeowners. So, let’s explore five critical […]

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Dry vs. Wet Pipe Fire Systems: What’s the Difference?

If you own a commercial building or want to install residential fire sprinkler systems in Greenville, SC, you must choose between a dry or wet pipe system. But before you can make the right choice for your building, you need to understand the differences between each type of pipe. While both systems effectively deliver water […]

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10 Things Firefighters Wish You Knew About Fire Safety

Are you curious about ways you can make your building safer to avoid a structure fire? Here are ten of the most common tips firefighters wish homeowners and office managers knew about fire safety: 1. Check Your Smoke Alarms This point may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many homes firefighters respond to that […]

Residential fire sprinkler systems

How to Host a Successful Fire Sprinkler Demonstration

Fire sprinklers are vital to controlling fire spread and minimizing potential losses. Data shows the average financial toll of fire damage in a home with sprinklers is $2,166, compared to $45,019 in a home without sprinklers. That’s an enormous value—but it might surprise you to learn that out of the million homes built each year, […]

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4 Important Facts You Need to Know About Home Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are vital for your household’s safety. Case in point: over five years, they successfully controlled 96 percent of home fires when activated. Fire sprinklers also contributed to an 89 percent decrease in civilian fatalities, a 27 percent decrease in civilian injuries, and a 60 percent decrease in firefighter injuries. That’s an excellent track […]

fire sprinkler contractors Greenville SC

3 Reasons You Need to Work with a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Whether constructing a new commercial building or undertaking extensive renovations on a commercial property, one of your primary concerns will be installing fire safety equipment. A fire sprinkler system is the most common and effective type of fire suppression for commercial structures. Instead of leaving this installation to your general contractor, there are valuable benefits […]


5 Essential Safety Professionals You Need to Hire Now

An essential aspect of business management is ensuring that your facility remains safe for your employees and customers. That process involves hiring several different safety professionals who have the expertise to help you address any concerns.  You’ll need some of the following services as you build a new commercial building or when you buy an […]

Insurance paperwork

Fire Sprinklers and Insurance: How They Affect Your Premiums

Insuring your business against fire is essential for preventing disaster and leaving you with nothing. While fires make up a smaller number of total business insurance claims, they account for 21% of total claim value due to the extensive damage they cause. While you can’t afford to go without insurance, implementing fire sprinklers and other […]

Fire safety tips

4 Components of a Comprehensive Fire Safety Plan

Fire poses a significant threat to your business and the safety of your employees. Fire departments in the U.S. respond to more than 1.3 million fires each year, which together cause more than $15.9 billion in property damage. 

Fire Sprinklers for Community Buildings

5 Ways to Advocate for Fire Sprinklers in Your Community’s Buildings

Although the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends installing fire sprinklers in all new one or two-family homes, only two states require it. In 20 states, municipalities can set their standards for residential buildings, while 26 states voted against residential fire codes. If you’d like to advocate for fire sprinklers in your community to improve […]

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6 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Fire Sprinkler System

Your fire sprinkler system spends most of its life idly waiting to be used—and that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it means you’ve gotten by emergency-free! 

Local Firefighter sitting by fire truck

7 Ways to Support Your Local Firefighters

Firefighters are a vital part of every community. These brave heroes put their lives on the line to protect their community day in and day out. They work tirelessly to respond to various emergencies and rarely get the accolades, appreciation, and support they deserve. 

Man installing fire sprinkler system

No Fire Sprinkler System? Here’s What to Do Next

An up-to-date sprinkler system benefits your business in many ways, from lower insurance premiums to potential tax cuts. If you’re buying or remodeling a commercial building and need a fire sprinkler installation or modification, here’s what to do next:

Fire Sprinkler Companies Anderson SC

How to Choose the Right Fire Sprinkler Company

If you are looking for a fire sprinkler company to handle your company’s installation, inspection, and renovation needs, there are a few considerations that you should keep in mind.  As you begin your search, remember that the first company you see on Google isn’t always the best option for your needs. But to help make […]

Person researching fire safety resources online on computer

2 Online Resources for Fire Safety You Should Know About

When it comes to fire safety training, there’s no such thing as too much preparation. If you’ve witnessed a fire emergency, you know how disorienting and unpredictable the flames can be. As such, proper preparation is critical to your safety—and the safety of those around you. 

Commercial Fire Sprinkler companies near me

Fire Sprinkler Basics: New, Retrofit, and Renovation Installations

When protecting your property, you never want to cut corners with a fire sprinkler system. If your system is broken, outdated, ineffective, or nonexistent, your property is much more vulnerable to fire damage. As such, updating your system with a retrofit, renovation, or new installation is essential to ensure reliable fire sprinklers protect your property. 

Residential fire sprinkler company Greenville, SC

Cold Weather + Fire Sprinklers: 8 Questions and Answers

You likely already know that fire sprinklers are an essential safety feature in any building. But did you know that cold weather can affect their performance? That’s why it’s necessary for home and business owners in South and North Carolina to properly maintain their sprinkler systems to ensure that their properties are winter-ready.

Fire Sprinkler Heads

Fire Sprinkler Innovation: 5 Things You Might Not Know

Fire sprinkler systems have long been a vital component in fire prevention systems, providing an automatic and instant response to fires in many facilities. These systems are constantly evolving, so we’ve compiled five of the most innovative ways they can provide enhanced fire protection that you may not know about:

Improve Fire Safety in 2023

6 New Year Resolutions to Improve Fire Safety in 2023

If you own a business or manage a commercial property, you should consider adding improved fire safety to your New Year’s resolutions. While goals like these may not usually make your list, they’re an essential piece to your safety puzzle. Reevaluating your fire safety plan and taking a pass at your existing procedures will help […]

Ensure Your Property Is Safe

Going on Holiday? 5 Ways to Ensure Your Property Is Safe

If you’re a work-from-home entrepreneur or own and operate a brick-and-mortar business, you’re probably planning on taking a well-deserved break over the holidays. In the interest of uninterrupted, blissful rest, we’ve compiled a list of five things you should consider to ensure your business property stays protected from fire while you’re away.

Improve Your Fire Protection Strategy

6 Practical Ways to Improve Your Fire Protection Strategy

When a fire strikes a business, the consequences can be devastating. From 2011 to 2020, there was a reported 22 percent increase in nonresidential fires. That data should remind us that we’re all susceptible to an emergency. And though some fires are unavoidable, you can prevent others with a good prevention and protection strategy.

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance: How to Prevent Corrosion

Fire sprinkler corrosion is a significant safety hazard for multiple reasons. It’s one of the most common origins of a sprinkler malfunction, and if it goes unresolved, it can result in leaky pipes, flow restriction, and water damage, which could ruin the whole system. To minimize the risk, here’s all you need to know about […]

Fire Sprinkler Violations

5 Fire Sprinkler Violations (and How to Avoid Them)

Fire sprinklers are among the safest, quickest, and most successful interventions to snuff out a fire in a commercial or residential space. A 2021 report from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) found that sprinklers will operate effectively in more than 90 percent of the fires that activate them. 

History of Fire Sprinklers and Protection

A Brief History of Fire Sprinklers and Protection

Fire sprinklers are one of the most effective ways to prevent property damage and loss of life. Unlike fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems can address relatively large fires with minimal manual intervention.

Holiday Fire Hazards

5 Common Holiday Fire Hazards (and How to Avoid Them)

As the much-anticipated holiday season approaches, families around the globe are gearing up to celebrate with friends and relatives. Many conversations surrounding these upcoming gatherings will center around buying new decorations, deciding who will prepare what dish and planning visits to see loved ones. 

Prepare Your Building for Wildfires

How to Prepare Your Building for Wildfires

You’re not alone if you have recently googled “how do you prepare for wildfires?” due to concerns over the droughts. Now more than ever, it’s critical to learn how to keep your buildings and their property safe from fires.

Tips for Drought Season from Fire Sprinkler Experts

5 Tips for Drought Season from Fire Sprinkler Experts

The question “can drought cause fires?” has recently generated considerable search traffic. This fact should be no surprise, as many areas of the United States are contending with ongoing droughts. 

Prep Your Fire Sprinkler System

4 Ways We Prep Your Fire Sprinkler System for Each Season

A fire can occur at any time, so preparing against emergencies all year long is crucial. A&A Fire Protection are experts in designing and maintaining fire sprinklers for any season, weather, or time. Let’s look at four ways our team can have your system ready to fight fires and protect your property 24/7:

Guide to Employee Fire Safety Training

A&A Fire Protection’s Guide to Employee Fire Safety Training

Proper fire safety training for your employees is critical. During a fire, every second counts, and your employees may have just minutes to act accordingly to minimize damage to property and loss of life. During the rush and sensory overload that often comes with a fire, it’s easy to panic; flames, thick smoke, heat, and […]

What to Expect

What to Expect with A&A Fire Protection

If you need to safeguard your home or business from fire, A&A Fire Protection can support you throughout the entire process. Our team provides a wide range of fire sprinkler services, all developed to keep you safe. From designing and installing sprinkler systems to scheduling required inspections or updating existing sprinklers, our system gives you […]

Five Professional Partners You Need

Five Professional Partners You Need for Your Company Building

Success is all about partnership. From having a proper electrical system to using decor that wows clients, it’s impossible to manage all of the details needed to create a successful commercial building on your own. Whether you’re the CEO of a new business or an established organization, it’s critical that you establish and maintain all […]

Water Damage with Fire Sprinkler Systems

How to Handle Water Damage with Fire Sprinkler Systems

Installing a fire sprinkler system in your home or business gives you a necessary advantage during a fire. The system will begin extinguishing flames as soon as a fire is detected, helping to save your belongings from being destroyed by the fire. Though often overlooked, you need to remember that water is required to put […]

Building Isn’t Up to Code

My Building Isn’t Up to Code: What’s Next?

We all know that inspections are essential for keeping people and property safe. It’s possible that your building might not pass the test at some point. If your building inspection failed due to an improperly maintained sprinkler system, you might be asking, “what’s next?” Repairing and maintaining your sprinkler system will help you pass your […]

Ways Fire Sprinklers Can Protect Your Building

7 Ways Fire Sprinklers Can Protect Your Building

Fire sprinklers save lives and property, whether in homes, offices, or other commercial spaces. Their design, placement, usage, and maintenance all contribute to your protection. To ensure that all systems are designed and installed correctly, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) maintains standards for sprinkler systems in the United States based on engineering principles, test […]

Fire Safety Essentials

Fire Safety Essentials for New Business Owners

Implementation of fire safety measures should be at the top of the list for business owners who recently opened or renovated a brick-and-mortar space. According to a 2020 report from the National Fire Protection Association, the number of fires ignited due to new construction or renovation has increased in recent years—but that doesn’t mean they’re […]

Fire Safety Basics

Fire Safety Basics: How to Prepare Your Building or Office

In your busy work environment, fire safety is probably the last thing on your mind. Between meetings, assignments, and quarterly reports, you probably forget to pencil in time to talk about fire prevention measures. As a leader in your organization, it’s crucial to stay knowledgeable about fire safety to prevent and handle emergencies. Here are […]

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How to Keep Your Fire Sprinklers Operating Year-Round

Fire prevention is essential, no matter what time of year it is. It can be easy to fall victim to fire sprinkler problems without regular inspections. This type of equipment, much like any other machinery in your life, requires year-round checks to make sure they work correctly. Here are the steps that we recommend you […]

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Requirements to Understand for Fire Sprinkler Safety

Mandated automatic fire sprinklers for residential constructions and commercial buildings are more common than you’d think. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) just released its 2022 requirements for fire sprinkler installation, and it’s essential to review the material for any relevant updates. These parameters will help you and your team ensure maximum fire sprinkler safety […]

commercial fire sprinkler companies

Event Space Safety: 6 Important Tips to Remember

In-person events have been long-missed over the past years, and it’s time we all got back together. For venue owners or event planners, safety should still be your top priority—in addition to creating an unforgettable evening. To make sure that everyone remains healthy and safe during your event, here are six important tips to keep top of mind:

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9 Myths (and Facts) About Fire Sprinkler Systems

How much do you know about the fire sprinkler system in your space? You might be surprised by some of the false information across the internet that could affect your decision to invest in high-quality fire protection. If you’re considering installing a fire sprinkler system in your building, don’t be deterred by these common myths:

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The Immediate Steps to Take in a Fire Emergency

According to the most recent 2020 estimate from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 111,000 workplace fires occur annually in the U.S., causing roughly 100 deaths, 1100 injuries, and 3.4 billion dollars in structural damage. If you’re a business owner with a brick-and-mortar retail location or office space, it’s crucial that you know which preventive […]

fire sprinkler contractors Anderson, SC

Understanding 4 Different Fire Protection Tools and How They Work

In any organization, each employee has a specific role or responsibility that is critical to their success. For example, an HR executive works to maintain employee wellness, while the IT manager keeps the technology equipment up to date. This microcosm of different individuals, skill sets and goals is what makes the company successful, and offers […]

Fire suppression system installation Brevard, NC

3 Places You Need Fire Protection Equipment in Your Building

A fire at your business could be catastrophic. Fire threatens everything it touches, from loss of materials to loss of life. According to the US Fire Administration, there were over 1.2 million fires in the US in 2019, resulting in nearly 4,000 deaths and causing 14.8 million in damage.

fire sprinkler contractors anderson sc

Understanding the Different Types of Fire Sprinkler Heads

Fire sprinkler heads aren’t a one-size-fits-all component. A&A Fire Protection designers can select from four fire sprinkler heads with different capabilities to design your space’s safety system. We’ve outlined the four main sprinkler head types—along with a guide to components and aesthetics—for those who want to learn more about this important equipment.

Fire Sprinkler Design Services

Fire Sprinkler Design Services: Everything You Need to Know

Fire safety starts long before a fire could even happen. This is why insurance regulation or authorities having jurisdiction’s deficiency notice set parameters around fire sprinkler systems. Emergency risks decrease when you are fully prepared.

fire sprinkler systems Brevard NC

How Do Fire Sprinkler Systems Work?

Sprinkler systems are one of the best ways to protect your home or business from fire danger. According to the American Fire Sprinkler Association, fire sprinklers are considered the best method to fight the spread of fires and limit property damage and fatalities.  As a business owner, you need some fire protection in your office […]

fire suppression system installation greenville sc

What is involved in a fire suppression system installation?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reported more than 100,000 structure fires across America in 2020, causing millions of dollars of damage.  Many of those structure fires were businesses. While it’s impossible to remove all fire risks, there are ways to make your business safe. A fire suppression system, for example, can provide reliable protection […]

24-Hour Fire Protection

How to Provide 24-Hour Fire Protection for Your Property

According to recent data from the National Fire Protection Association, local fire departments across the U.S. respond to 120,000 commercial structure fires annually. In 2019 alone, these fires were estimated to cause 110 deaths, 1200 injuries and $4.3 billion in property damage. It’s important to realize that fires can occur anytime, including after-hours, weekends or […]

Fire Protection Greenville SC

Fire Inspection Checklist: What to Expect and How to Prepare

In 2019, there were 120,000 fires in non-residential structures leading to 110 deaths and $4.3 billion in property damage. Fire prevention and protection programs can mitigate those losses. For example, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that sprinklers effectively control fire spread 96 percent of the time. Annual fire inspections keep businesses safe and […]

fire sprinkler contractors Anderson, SC

4 Essential Kitchen Fire Safety Tips

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in your house — making knowledge of kitchen fire safety a must for everyone. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), cooking equipment is the leading cause of home fires and fire injuries, causing nearly half of the home fires that result in injury and death.  […]

Commercial fire sprinkler companies Brevard, NC

How do fire alarms work?

You likely know that a fire alarm can save your life. But do you ever wonder just exactly how do fire alarms work? Why are they so effective? And what do I need to do to ensure they keep working? The numbers, unfortunately, don’t lie. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 41 percent […]

Best Fire Protection Company near me

How to Choose the Best Fire Protection Company For Your Business

Fire might be closer to your business than you think. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a fire department in the United States responds to a fire every 24 seconds.  For business owners and operators, fire safety might be far down the priority list. It’s easy to be more concerned about winning clients […]

fire sprinkler contractors anderson sc

How many fire extinguishers do I need?

So, you want to keep your space safe from fire-related accidents—you’re probably asking yourself, “how many fire extinguishers do I need?” The short answer is: it depends on the building you’re talking about!  While there’s not a one-size-fits-all rule for extinguishers, there are effective frameworks that you can use to understand just how many fire […]

Fire sprinkler systems differences

4 Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems Explained

There’s no doubt about it—fire sprinkler systems save lives.  According to data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2010-2014, sprinklers effectively controlled 96 percent of fires when operated. In addition, injury to firefighters was 67 percent lower in situations where sprinklers were present. Fire sprinkler systems are a must in most commercial buildings. […]

Fire Prevention Plan and Your Workplace

How Does a Fire Prevention Plan Benefit Your Workplace?

Accidents and hazards in the workplace are preventable, but they’re not always predictable—and that’s why fire safety needs to be top of mind for executives. How does a fire prevention plan benefit your workplace? As a leader of your organization, these plans are one of the many ways you can provide peace of mind to […]

maintain your home fire sprinkler system

10 Tips to Maintain Your Home Fire Sprinkler System

If you have a home fire sprinkler system, you’re in luck. Having a sprinkler system and smoke detectors reduces the risk of death in a home fire by 82 percent compared to homes with neither. Additionally, reduces property damage — ninety percent of home fires are contained by just one sprinkler. While home sprinkler systems […]

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Dry Sprinkler Systems

It’s time to have your dry sprinkler system winterized

Through out the year condensation builds up in the fire sprinkler piping and collects on the walls of the pipes. The system’s piping is designed to drain to the various low points. Water that collects here will freeze and possibly bust. Call us today to schedule to have your dry pipe sprinkler system winterized.