2 Online Resources for Fire Safety You Should Know About

  • February 10, 2023
Person researching fire safety resources online on computer

When it comes to fire safety training, there’s no such thing as too much preparation. If you’ve witnessed a fire emergency, you know how disorienting and unpredictable the flames can be. As such, proper preparation is critical to your safety—and the safety of those around you. 

As with any subject, education is the first step. Our experts recommend creating a bank of resources to help maintain your fire knowledge. To help you start building your knowledge hub, here are two informative online fire safety resources you should know:

1. National Fire Protection Association

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a safety training goldmine. The organization aims to help make the world safer by providing easily accessible information about how and why fires start. The National Fire Protection Association’s digital resources cover the following topics:

  • Top fire causes
  • Regional risks
  • Seasonal fire causes
  • Specific groups at risk
  • Behavioral risks
  • Wildfires
  • Lithium-ion battery safety

In addition to general fire resources, the NFPA website also has a section with helpful links about preparedness and staying safe in the event of a fire. This section contains links to the following topics:

  • Safety equipment
  • Preparedness
  • Safety in living and entertainment spaces
  • Electrical safety around water
  • How to make a home fire escape plan
  • Smoke alarm safety tips

The final section on the homepage is a resource area for teachers and safety educators. It features downloadable programs, videos, tip sheets, and other helpful tools for fire education. As mentioned, many of the strategies are designed for high-risk individuals, including:

  • Children
  • The elderly
  • People in low-income communities
  • People with disabilities

Their materials for these audiences include access to the following programs:

  • Sparky School House
  • Learn Not to Burn
  • Remembering When

Even if you are not a student or teacher, these resources provide valuable information that can be useful for anyone.

2. Safe Kids Worldwide

Safe Kids Worldwide is an educational organization that offers the “Start Safe: Fire” program. This program was created to connect fire service professionals with preschool teachers, where they can inform students about the importance of fire safety. 

The program was designed to be implemented alongside any educational program that serves children between the ages of 3 and 6.

You can access videos, games, and other fire safety materials directly from their website. The program was designed to be implemented alongside any educational program that serves children between the ages of 3 and 6.

Their video section contains the following resources: 

  • Fire and burn safety education program for preschoolers and their families
  • Program benefits
  • Educator tools and resources
  • Tips for teaching children about fire and burn prevention
  • Student evaluation tips
  • Parent survey
  • Evaluation 
  • Home behavior survey

Many of these resources also provide safety training to help educators assess if students practice fire safety at home. Additionally, they allow educators to gauge how much the student’s parents are assisting them with learning.

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