3 Reasons You Need to Work with a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

  • June 23, 2023
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Whether constructing a new commercial building or undertaking extensive renovations on a commercial property, one of your primary concerns will be installing fire safety equipment. A fire sprinkler system is the most common and effective type of fire suppression for commercial structures. Instead of leaving this installation to your general contractor, there are valuable benefits involved in hiring a fire sprinkler contractor. 

Fire Sprinkler Contractors vs. Plumbers: What’s the Difference?

Though your commercial plumber might offer to install your fire sprinklers, they don’t always have the correct knowledge and expertise to perform the task. While they are experts at installing the plumbing pipes that make up the system, they may not be up-to-date on the latest innovations in fire sprinkler technology.

More importantly, a plumber likely doesn’t spend much time keeping up with new laws regarding fire sprinklers. You’ll want a system compliant with all regulations to avoid legal or insurance issues. These reasons alone are why finding the right contractor is one of the first steps to take when installing fire sprinkler systems.

The Benefits of Working with Fire Sprinkler Contractors

When you hire a fire sprinkler contractor, you can trust their expertise and knowledge. You’ll know they will install a system that meets all legal requirements and functions correctly. As a result, you can have peace of mind knowing that the system will work well in an emergency.

Conversely, allowing someone else to install your system might not give you a different sense of confidence. While these individuals are undoubtedly experts in their specific industry, you’ll always wonder if they installed your fire safety equipment safely. You won’t know until there’s a fire and must rely on their quality.

But those aren’t the only ways a contractor relationship will benefit you and your property:

1. Consistency

Once a plumber or general contractor installs your sprinkler system, they will consider the job done. You’ll have to find other fire sprinkler contractors in Greenville, SC, to inspect and test your system. In addition to meeting legal requirements, these annual inspections extend the life of your fire sprinkler system.

Hiring a fire sprinkler contractor for the installation allows you to continue working with that same company. The contractor will already be familiar with the system’s equipment and setup because they installed it. That familiarity will help them complete the inspections and testing more efficiently.

2. Passing Inspections

A general contractor may need to learn all the regulations regarding installing fire sprinkler systems. While you’ll undoubtedly address the issues that caused the system to fail the first inspection, there will still be the initial failure and the associated penalties.

Hiring fire sprinkler contractors in Greenville, SC, will help you avoid these issues. Since they are well-informed about laws and OSHA regulations concerning fire sprinkler systems, they will ensure that your new system meets those standards. When they return to inspect the equipment, you can have confidence that you’ll pass the inspection and tests.

3. Meeting Insurance Requirements

When you install a fire sprinkler system in your commercial building, you can apply for fire safety discounts with your insurance provider. One of the standard stipulations made by most insurance companies is that the system must get installed by certified professionals who work for licensed fire protection companies. 

If you hire a general contractor, you won’t meet that stipulation and be ineligible for the insurance discount. Before hiring a fire sprinkler contractor, contact your insurance company to verify that they are authorized to do the work.

Learn More About Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Even if you have managed your business for several years, you may have questions about your fire sprinkler system. And while you don’t have to become an expert, learning more about fire sprinklers, their operation, and how they can protect your business can be helpful. Visit our other blog posts to understand fire sprinkler systems better. And if you’re interested in starting a conversation about our services, reach out to the A&A Team today.