The Importance of Reliable Fire Sprinkler Systems for Summer Relaxation

  • May 10, 2024
summer fire

Summer is a time for outdoor entertainment and recreation. Whether you take frequent vacations or have fun closer to home, it’s essential to prioritize summer fire safety measures.

Installing fire sprinklers is one of the most effective ways to protect your home. Let’s examine how a reliable fire sprinkler system will help neutralize common summer fire risks so you can relax and savor the warm, sunny months ahead.

Common Summer Fire Risks

Before initiating a fire safety plan, familiarize yourself with the most common fire hazards this time of year. Outdoor activities will increase the likelihood of fires outside your home, but those flames won’t take long to engulf the interior. Fortunately, preventing these summer fires is easier once you know what causes them. 


A backyard campfire is a summer rite of passage—but do it safely. Dig a fire pit in the area and remove grass, sticks, and other combustible materials. Surround the pit with bricks, concrete, or other sturdy, non-flammable barriers. Keep a sandbag, shovel, or fire extinguisher nearby if the flames escalate.


Setting off fireworks near your home is not advisable, but if you celebrate the Fourth of July or another summer event with fireworks, know how to handle them responsibly. Use the fireworks in an isolated area and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure you have reliable fire safety equipment in case of an accident.

Grilling Mishaps

A cookout can ignite a summer fire even if you’re experienced in handling charcoal, lighter fluid, propane, or other flammable items. Position the grill at least 10 feet from any structures, and never walk away from it while it’s in use. Store a fire extinguisher close to the cookout area so that if a mishap occurs, you can contain the flames immediately.

The Benefits of Installing a Fire Sprinkler System

An indoor summer fire could also occur due to electrical malfunctions, kitchen accidents, or other interior hazards. So, installing a fire sprinkler system is non-negotiable for your peace of mind. Here’s how fire sprinklers will benefit your home—and everyone inside.

Ensure Optimal Safety

The most pressing indoor fire concern is the threat of harm to building occupants. While someone might not be able to reach a fire extinguisher or find a means of escape, fire sprinklers will clear a path for everyone in the household to exit safely.

Reduce Fire Damage

Even if you’re not at home when a fire occurs, damage to an empty building can be extensive. Uncontrolled fire can destroy expensive assets, cherished heirlooms, or other valuable items. Fortunately, fire sprinklers will contain the spread of flames, minimizing destruction. Dry sprinkler systems will also protect against severe water damage.

Save on Homeowners Insurance

A recent survey evaluated the fire protection discounts from various insurance companies. This poll found that insurers will offer 35 percent lower coverage premiums for homes with functional fire sprinkler systems. While the discount might vary from one insurer to the next, most companies provide homeowners with some financial incentive.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Protection

The best fire protection comes without excessive maintenance. No one wants to spend the whole summer looking after fire safety equipment that requires frequent maintenance and repairs. Maintaining a fire sprinkler system is not labor-intensive at all. Aside from periodic tests and annual inspections, you won’t have to monitor it constantly.

Relax and Enjoy the Summer

Whether you travel for just a weekend or an entire month, it’s easy to feel stressed about leaving your house vacant. You might wonder if you left the front door unlocked or forgot to secure the backyard fence latch. But with fire sprinklers, you don’t have to worry about the potential for a house fire. Even if the unexpected does occur, a fire sprinkler system will take care of the flames and help contain the overall damage.

Leave Your Fire Protection to the Professionals 

A&A Fire Protection installs and inspects reliable fire sprinkler systems in residential and commercial spaces. Based in Greenville, SC, we serve communities throughout upstate South Carolina, parts of North Carolina, and even some areas in northern Georgia. Contact our team of specialists when you need fire sprinkler service for your home or business.