4 Ways We Prep Your Fire Sprinkler System for Each Season

  • July 20, 2022
Prep Your Fire Sprinkler System

A fire can occur at any time, so preparing against emergencies all year long is crucial. A&A Fire Protection are experts in designing and maintaining fire sprinklers for any season, weather, or time. Let’s look at four ways our team can have your system ready to fight fires and protect your property 24/7:

1. Regular Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Above all else, you should prioritize having a regularly scheduled system inspection by one of our technicians. It’s the best way to get your system the attention it needs and address any issues it may have. 

A certified fire sprinkler contractor should test fire sprinkler systems at least once a year. But depending on your system’s age or local codes, you may need more than one inspection annually.  A&A Fire Protection can provide various assessments, from wet or dry pipe fire sprinkler inspection to a five-year flushing investigation. 

After we’ve completed the inspection process, we’ll point out any problems with the system and offer an estimate for the fix. We’ll also keep a thorough record of the fire sprinkler inspection report and contact you when it’s time for your next inspection.

2. Preparing for Cool Temps with Fire Sprinkler Weatherization

Winterizing your system is essential for peace of mind, even in warm climates. Unexpected weather patterns could bring cold snaps that can damage your system. Because many buildings in warm temperatures don’t have proper insulation measures, protecting fire sprinkler systems is much more challenging when the cold weather hits.

The A&A Fire Protection team is here to handle all your winterizing needs. Both wet and dry systems benefit from winterizing, and our qualified professionals will know what steps they should take to prevent pipes from freezing. Preventative maintenance for cold weather is recommended at least once a year and ideally before winter. 

Our professionals will also test for the proper concentration of antifreeze in your pipes to reduce the chance of bursting. For dry systems, a team member will drain the system and flush it to see if any leaks need attention. If they do, we’ll seal them immediately.

3. Preparing for Warm Temps with Fire Sprinkler Flow Testing

Some fire sprinkler testing and maintenance should only occur when temperatures exceed 40 degrees. If you’ve made it to the other side of winter and need to prepare for summer, spring is the opportune time to schedule a fire pump or fire hydrant flow test. 

Your sprinkler system won’t properly function if there’s something wrong with the fire pump, so this is a crucial test to ensure your system works in an emergency. According to NFPA guidelines, you need highly accurate, high-quality testing equipment to perform these tests. We use this equipment to complete all our inspections and focus on ensuring your systems are always NFPA compliant. 

4. Taking Advantage of Summer by Renovating Existing Systems

Spring and summer are also when many property owners plan renovation and construction to improve the comfort and functionality of their buildings. If you’ve been putting off a redesign or renovation of your current fire sprinkler system, we’re here to help.

Our team has a creative approach to project design while still providing ample protection and staying compliant with building codes. After performing a fire sprinkler inspection and running any necessary tests, we can determine how to implement your new fire sprinkler system. We can also prepare you for hot weather with quality fire sprinkler installations.

Yearround Fire Sprinkler Services for the Carolinas

A&A Fire Protection is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to cater to your fire sprinkler system needs. We’re a full-service fire sprinkler system company and guarantee we can handle anything from an inspection to an emergency with the dedication you deserve. 

Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation, and we’ll help you get the most out of your home or company’s fire sprinkler system.