Going on Holiday? 5 Ways to Ensure Your Property Is Safe

  • November 20, 2022
Ensure Your Property Is Safe

1. Don’t Shout About Your Plans

This advice is a subtle, commonsense technique: don’t post your holiday plans on social media. We’re not advocating that you go dark on your social media channels for the duration of your downtime. We suggest you continue regular social media and publicity operations but say absolutely nothing about how you’ll be away from the area.

Take your trip, enjoy yourself, and take plenty of photos and videos; don’t publish them until you return. That way, you’ll outsmart savvy would-be thieves and break-ins that could result in an emergency.

2. Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best

Prevention is one of your best tools against a fire, but it doesn’t always guarantee full protection. If there is a fire, you’ll want to ensure all valuables or important information are safe. Remove all your most sensitive information from the property and store them securely. Use a fireproof safe on the premises for your documents if available.

But for your larger or bulkier valuables, think like a security professional (or even a fire safety specialist). Move those assets offsite for the duration of your absence. It could make your business a whole lot less vulnerable to disaster.

3. Take an Inventory of Your Inflammables

You don’t only have to stay alert to HAZMAT risks if you’re in the petroleum business. There are many sectors of industry that face exposure to fire danger. If you own and operate a paint store, a lumber mill, or even a flour mill, there are still significant dangers around your facility. A sprinkler system for potential fire events is essential.

In addition to a well-tested sprinkler system for fires, prevention is the key to success. If possible, consider either sequestering your hazardous materials or removing them from the facility entirely while you’re gone. One spark is all it takes to ignite a massive blaze, and you don’t want to take unnecessary chances. 

4. Secure Your Building

Are your windows and doors locked? If your building is shut tight against outside influences, there will be a reduced chance of bad things happening while you aren’t there. This procedure isn’t just for theft; an unsecured door or window could invite all kinds of trouble, and turn a bad storm into a full-on business disaster. 

And speaking of disasters, it’s not a bad idea to walk around your building during daylight hours and observe it with a critical eye to see if any potential problems lurk: 

  • Is there a tree overhanging a nearby power line? 
  • Is there a lot of dry stubble around the base of the walls? 
  • Are there open containers of volatile chemicals out back? 

All these things are potential hazards (even while you’re on site). How bad might they be when you’re not around? 

5. Schedule a Fire Sprinkler System Inspection

The most essential item on your pre-holiday checklist is your first line of defense against fire. When was the last time you inspected your fire sprinkler system? Depending on the system type, layout, and local requirements, you may have overlooked something in the intervening years since installation.

Give yourself added peace of mind by knowing your fire suppression system is ready to go if the worst happens. Schedule an inspection from A&A Fire Protection or ask about a sprinkler system for fire protection today.