Sprinklers 101: What Makes a Fire Sprinkler Automatic?

  • September 20, 2023
automatic fire sprinkler

Everyone has seen a sprinkler unit in a building before, but only a few fully understand how it operates. If you’re currently deciding whether to get one for your property, you might want some fire sprinkler background information to help inform your decisions. More likely than not, you’ll come into contact with automatic fire sprinklers that activate as soon as they sense heat. Here are the basics behind how they work:

How Do Automatic Fire Sprinklers Work?

The system’s network of pipes houses water ready to dispense immediately, and the sprinkler heads have liquid-filled bulbs. When the bulbs get warm enough, they break and release the water. 

These sprinklers have a specific design, allowing them to cover the area thoroughly with water. And though a fire sprinkler may not eliminate the threat of a fire on its own, it’s often more than enough to buy time until the fire department arrives.

Many homeowners worry that sprinkler units could accidentally trigger from kitchen smoke, but fortunately, virtually every automatic fire sprinkler system will only activate from direct, intense heat. Your installation team should also install the system far from potentially triggering areas like the kitchen or above a fireplace.

Benefits of Automatic Fire Sprinklers

Installing a fire sprinkler system might seem like a lot of effort, but many benefits make both the physical and financial investment well worth it:

Lower Insurance Costs

Fire sprinklers make your home (or business) less of a liability, and that’s great news for your wallet. Business insurance premiums can get incredibly high, and saving wherever possible is essential. Commercial sprinklers, in particular, can reduce insurance expenses significantly, potentially saving you enough money that the system pays for itself in due time.

Increase Property Value

A safe property is valuable, so installing an automatic fire sprinkler could increase your space’s resale value. Many prospective buyers would rather have sprinklers in place when they move in. The higher the overall quality of the unit, the more you’ll get out of it (should you eventually sell).

A Safer Property

A building fire is no joke; it can destroy lives in a flash, ripping through your belongings or harming your loved ones. Modern sprinkler units can often completely extinguish flames, giving occupants ample time to evacuate and stay safe.

How These Sprinklers Improve Your Fire Protection Plan

Here’s a compelling fact if you’re still questioning a sprinkler’s effectiveness: The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) in the U.K. found that the total performance effectiveness for fire sprinkler systems was roughly 99%, regardless of building type.  Every building should also have fire extinguishers and smoke alarms to complement a fire sprinkler system.

But keep in mind, ideally, you should have several fire-fighting mechanisms in your space. Think about scenarios where you can’t access an extinguisher or the smoke detector doesn’t go off—there’s no bad reason to have a third, strong contender for protecting your property against fire damage.

Upgrade to a More Peaceful Property With A&A Fire Protection

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