5 Essential Safety Professionals You Need to Hire Now

  • June 10, 2023

An essential aspect of business management is ensuring that your facility remains safe for your employees and customers. That process involves hiring several different safety professionals who have the expertise to help you address any concerns. 

You’ll need some of the following services as you build a new commercial building or when you buy an existing facility, and other companies will provide ongoing services to help you meet your company’s changing demands for safety and protection.

1. Fire Sprinkler Contractors in Greenville, SC

Every business owner must develop a fire safety plan that will help them protect their employees, customers, and assets. This plan includes implementing a fire suppression system for their business that automatically activates sprinklers should a fire be detected.

Even after hiring someone to install fire sprinkler systems in Greenville, SC, you must continue working with their company to keep up with regular inspections and maintenance. A company like A&A Fire Protection will help keep your sprinkler system in good condition beyond the initial installation.

Routine inspections and tests will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing the system will work when needed and will help you comply with OSHA fire safety regulations.

2. Commercial Electricians

If you’re building a commercial structure, you’ll need an electrician to wire the building and power your devices safely. Even if you’re buying an existing commercial facility, an electrician can inspect its current wiring to ensure it’s in good condition and capable of handling your business’ energy needs. 

Just as you’ll need a contractor to routinely inspect your fire sprinkler systems, you’ll also need to maintain an ongoing relationship with an electrician. You’ll want to schedule routine electrical inspections to keep the chances of a fire or shock as low as possible. Your electrician can also upgrade your system as you add new equipment to alter your facility’s power consumption. 

3. Pest Control Services

While you may not see pest control as an issue of safety for your business, some pests are often much more than a nuisance. A range of insects and rodents can damage your infrastructure and property, leaving droppings that carry disease. Termites, carpenter ants, and similar insects can severely damage the structure of your building.

Therefore, before purchasing a commercial building, hire a pest control service to inspect for any signs of dangerous insect infestations, and continue using the service for as long as you manage the business. They will spray, set traps, and recommend other practices to protect your facility from pests.

4. Security Monitoring Services Offer 24-Hour Protection

The physical security of your business is paramount to protecting your equipment and assets and ensuring the safety of anyone entering your facility. Fortunately, there are several different methods for adding security to your business, and by combining multiple tactics, you’ll keep your property safe.

In addition to hiring security officers to maintain a presence on your property, it can also help install security monitoring equipment. Most surveillance packages come with access to a monitoring service, which, while optional, is a worthwhile investment. 

5. Workplace Safety Consultants

It’s also helpful to hire a workplace safety consultant. As you launch your business, they can help you identify safety issues you might not immediately recognize, which you can address before they cost you OSHA fines or lead to employee injuries.

Routine inspections conducted by your safety consultant can help you discover new safety issues that arise from employee needs or the introduction of new equipment. Your consultant will help you stay on top of these issues.

Safety Is an Ongoing Concern

While there aren’t many new things we can learn about the nature of fire, there is plenty to discover about preventing and extinguishing fires. By keeping up to date with technological innovations and new fire safety practices, the latest fire sprinkler systems, you can take a proactive approach to fire protection for your business. Learn more about these topics by regularly visiting our blog posts or reaching out to our team today.