How to Host a Successful Fire Sprinkler Demonstration

  • July 20, 2023
Residential fire sprinkler systems

Fire sprinklers are vital to controlling fire spread and minimizing potential losses. Data shows the average financial toll of fire damage in a home with sprinklers is $2,166, compared to $45,019 in a home without sprinklers. That’s an enormous value—but it might surprise you to learn that out of the million homes built each year, less than 10 percent come with fire sprinklers.   

To raise more awareness around home sprinkler installation and maintenance, fire departments nationwide will host fire sprinkler demonstrations for the public. These live demos reinforce the need for sprinkler systems while showcasing how they function.

We are committed to fire protection in Greenville, SC, and believe in supporting educational initiatives to keep our community safe. So, we’ve created this informational guide on hosting a successful fire sprinkler demonstration in just a few easy steps:

Plan Logistics in Advance

Before you host the live demonstration, you must secure an outdoor location that can safely accommodate humans and fire in the same vicinity. This location must be accessible to the general public, and it must also be easy to vacate should the flames burn out of control (this is unlikely, but it’s wise to have a contingency plan). 

Also, remember that most cities will require a permit to host a demonstration of this nature at a public venue. For instance, local ordinances for fire protection in Greenville, SC, mandate that you obtain a permit at least ten days before the event occurs. 

Know Which Supplies You’ll Need

Plan on some basic assembly for a fire sprinkler demonstration. In order to build a space that contains the fire and can showcase how sprinklers activate, you’ll need access to a number of supplies.

To build the demo space, start with the basics:

  • Plywood sheets
  • Drywall sheets 
  • Studs, screws, and hinges
  • Circular saw
  • Drill and hammer
  • Extension cords
  • Water and plumbing hook-up 

Once you’ve constructed the demo area, you’ll also need:

  • Fire sprinkler system
  • Smoke alarm and batteries
  • Flares or extension lighter (to start a fire)
  • Protective firefighter equipment
  • Carpet, furniture, or other flammable items
  • Sound system and microphone

It’s also crucial to have the right personnel on site for this demonstration. You’ll need an apparatus engineer to control the water supply, a sprinkler technician to handle the system installation and operation, and at least two firefighters in their full protective gear. This personnel list ensures a safe environment for the public and the professionals. 

Make It Actionable and Interactive

The point of hosting a fire sprinkler demonstration is to share critical information that could save someone’s life. But just because this event is primarily educational doesn’t mean it has to feel like a lecture. Make it fun and interactive for the audience with real-world scenarios they can relate to and actionable tips they can use.

If the demonstration lacks energy, attendees will tune out. And chances are, they’ll leave without retaining all the valuable information you want them to remember. Of course, you shouldn’t minimize the serious nature of this topic, but you can structure the demo to be entertaining for the viewers. 

Print Handouts for Your Attendees

After completing the live demonstration, ensure your audience has resources to take home with them. Print instructional handouts to distribute among the crowd, or if you don’t want to pass out hardcopies, create a mobile QR code for attendees to scan. Whether you choose the print or digital route, here are some helpful reference points to include: 

Make Your Next Fire Sprinkler Demonstration a Success

It’s essential to raise awareness of the life-saving measures a fire sprinkler system can provide. Many homeowners don’t know how beneficial fire sprinklers are until faced with the worst-case scenario. So the sooner they take precautions, the better!

If you want to empower the local public to minimize risks and maximize their well-being, use these tips to host a successful fire sprinkler demonstration. And if you want to learn more about fire protection in Greenville, SC, contact our team of expert technicians at A&A Fire Protection. We are committed to safer homes, businesses, and communities.